We inject moments of joy, art and absurdity into the everyday lives of Chicagoans.


Our Mission

Fictional Bird creates projects that inject unexpected moments of joy, art, and absurdity into the everyday lives of millions of Chicagoans. We want to create the sort of little moments that make us smile at the end of a long day, or laugh when we’re feeling down.

Our signature project involves putting comedic fake ads in real ad space all across Chicago—including CTA train cars, billboards, and local newspapers—to spread joy while also helping reclaim public space. Our goal is for the ads to inject a little fun and silliness into our everyday lives. I mean, just imagine how much more interesting we could make life here in Chicago—how many commuters’ days we could brighten, how many tourists we could confuse, how many awkward dates we could lend a source of conversation?

Our lives are perpetually overrun with advertisements. Marketing has permeated nearly every aspect of our culture—seriously, try to come up with a part of your daily routine that doesn’t involve branding—and so it’s no surprise the CTA relies heavily on ad revenues to provide Chicagoans with affordable transit, or that newspapers depend upon ads to fund their operations. We can’t stop this advertising onslaught, but we can take back just a tiny little bit of what we see—and make it super ridiculous and dumb.

We also have a number of exciting new projects in development that are in the same spirit as our fake ad efforts, so be sure to stay tuned for all the latest from Fictional Bird!

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About Our Founder: 

Fictional Bird was founded by Ben Larrison, a Chicago-based comedy person and writer. He has made things like Fictional Bird, ListOfMyWebsites.com, the Northwestern Happiness Club (which was named the #1 "Craziest College Club" in the country by the Huffington Post), the Dunk Contest of the Century of the World, the @ChicagoVentra Twitter feed, and also some other stuff. He does comedy at the Annoyance Theatre, The Second City, and iO Chicago. If you want to, you can follow him on Twitter or check out his website.